Carol brings a wealth of financial experience to the role of Finance Manager – having worked within the finance team at SecureCom for two years, it made sense to promote within to fill the vacancy.

She is passionate about new initiatives in regard to process and efficiencies – and also places high regard to building sound relationships with customers, management and staff. Carol is already building a strong cohesive team to streamline our services!

Being efficient, able to multitask, prioritise and solve problems go hand in hand in Finance and Carol has these attributes in bucketloads! Having owned her own bookkeeping business as well as experience as the Company Accountant for Insurance Brokers, Carols business acumen is really valued here.

Her straightforward approach in dealing with less than straight forward situations has seen process improvement and rewards to both our customers and our staff.

During her spare time Carol enjoys attacking DIY projects and is very at home with a drill and glue gun. Boating, fishing and camping are also enjoyed as well as spending valuable time with the family.