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What’s your ideal future state for your IT systems? What tools does your business need to really thrive and meet the competition and changing market head on? Will you need additional services and capacity, or will you need the ability to flex up or down depending on market conditions?

Finding that ideal future state – a state where security is assured and you’re solidly future-proofed – for your business is a key goal for the team here at SecureCom and it’s the reason we offer Azure Migration Assessments in order to help you map out your path.

Secure, Reliable and Global InfrastructureWhy Azure Migration Assessments? Because for most of our customers, cloud is a key consideration in their future and Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is an ideal way to harness the benefits of cloud securely and in a low risk way. You also get to benefit from reducing your total cost of ownership for IT while reaping the benefits of advanced technologies previously out of reach for many of New Zealand’s medium-sized businesses.

Total cost of ownership is a big factor for most companies. In moving to Azure cloud from hosted private cloud, we’ve seen customers regularly save up to 20 percent on the total cost of ownership of their IT systems.

But it’s about more than just the hard costs of overall IT spend. Think about the costs of labour to manage and maintain systems, along with the reduced risk of business interruption and higher security – two factors often neglected in TCO equations, but critical. Improved security means less likelihood of being exposed to risk and less likelihood of having to endure the cost of fixing a security issue, deal with business interruption and the lost brand reputation. Significantly Lower TCO

Recently when a well-publicised global threat began hitting networks globally, Microsoft was able to detect the threat in 18 minutes and to patch their systems worldwide in 30 minutes.

It’s an example of the benefits of scale: An organisation like Microsoft, with its global reach and billions of users can detect and resolve issues quickly thanks to the amount of data they have and the behavioural monitoring and security they use over the top of that data.

It’s not just the big threats that Microsoft can quickly counter. There’s a lot of day to day maintenance, patching and all of the security aspects which are taken care of by the Azure team, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s just done.

Azure also brings other opportunities for cost savings, providing benchmarked data on how your business is running, both against your previous usage and compared with others in your sector, which can be used to predict usage, and ensure you’re running as efficiently as possible. Based on the data you can look at optimising inefficient applications, or moving to more efficient offerings.

Of course, there are also the much-touted savings to be had by quickly and easily scaling up and down as needed.

But the move to Azure isn’t just about cost savings. It offers something you don’t often see in technology – the chance to upgrade and remove cost at the same time. That’s fairly rare these days. You might get more for the same price, or maybe the same for slightly less cost, but this is an opportunity to actually get more, for less cost.

Cloud has opened the doors for medium sized businesses to gain the benefits of business intelligence and insights and data analytics which have previously been the domain of big enterprises, with their deep pockets.

Azure offers a set of solutions on the business intelligence and data analytics side to turn data into real-time actionable insights. Customers are also using Azure’s offerings to delve into advanced machine learning – something, offered as a service on Azure and which can help give you an advantage over competitors.

So, back to your ideal future state: Azure can provide a critical part of the solution. But working out what your future state is, is about more than just knowing you want to move to cloud.

Here at SecureCom we take a wholistic look at your entire IT system as part of the Azure Migration Assessment, looking at your system end to end, including devices and network, what you’re currently doing and paying and taking into account which Azure services, such as business intelligence and machine learning, can bring real value to your business.

Azure Low Friction Adoption We also factor in the costs involved with running out of warranty equipment which, with its associated costs of downtime and lost opportunities as well as repair and replacement costs, can be more expensive than many people realise.

The transition to your ideal future state doesn’t have to be a big bang process, either. For many it will be an iterative process. You might dip your toe in the water with a move to Microsoft 365 today, before heading to Microsoft Azure cloud and potentially upgrading your devices or network, if needed.

A hybrid environment, mixing public and private cloud and even on-premise offerings, is also a viable option for many as they transition. We can help you have one foot in the future and one in the present, harnessing the power of Azure for some applications so you get some immediate savings and benefits now, then when the time is right you can move other applications across to Azure accessing further savings.

So, if you’re ready to find your ideal future state, contact us now to find out more.

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